Rigmor Copenhagen is a danish brand who since 2018 has made unique kimonos for fashionable women in all sizes. 

All our kimonos are made in India not in a big factory, but a small family business.
India is a country who has an amazing culture history, that we love to tell about.

It's important that we make a differences for the family in India and the same time give the old vintage sari a new life. 

We combine quality, sustainability and make it SLOW FASHION. 

Each style is unique and 100% recycling.

Our kimonos are developed in a design to fit
 woman from size  34 to 54. (Euro sizes)

We support KOPENHAGEN FUR  because it's the  world's largest fur auction house and owned by the Danish mink breeders. 

Fur is one of nature's most alluring gifts, treasured for its beauty and intrinsic ability to provide warmth. Evoking a myriad of emotions, with a luxurious appeal that transcends time. A focal point in fashion, fur is also one of the most tactile materials, surprising designers and consumers alike with its versatility.


The report confirms that natural fur biodegrades in landfill conditions, whereas fake fur does not. Just like other natural materials, the dyed and undyed mink and fox fur started to biodegrade immediately, with the undyed fur taking a slightly longer time. Biodegradation of the fake fur never started. When it came to the disintegration test, the natural fur samples fell apart with the skin disappearing and hair remaining.  The fake fur discoloured but did not disintegrate at all.

This means that natural fur will never clog landfills or break down into micro plastics, but will return to nature without harming the environment.